Singapore –Sri Lanka Business Association (SLBA) had his humble beginnings in 1991 by a group of businessman and professionals to promote business interest between the two countries. This mandate has evolved to provide a forum to give voice to the Sri Lankan business community in Singapore to share their professional expertise and views to support trade, investment, finance and industrial development in Sri Lanka.

The SLBA is registered under the Singapore Registry of Societies and is a Not For Profit, where the contributions of its committee members and community are charitable to the organisations objectives.

The SLBA has been involved in various activities since its inception, which include community and social gatherings such as the Lion Ball held in Singapore annually, and business focused events such as the Investor Series which support and foster business ties.

One of our successful events includes a Six-A-Side cricket carnivals annually from 2001 to 2009, to promote Sri Lanka’s favourite past-time whilst creating an informal environment for members and their family to socialize and network. The funds generated through this sporting event was used to help various projects in Sri Lanka as well as to sponsor students visiting Singapore on study tours. These students came to Singapore under an educational programme initiated by the Singapore High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, to expose them to the cultural, social and commercial facets of Singapore. The SLBA is pleased to support such activities to raise and dispense funds for charitable, educational or benevolent causes which are aligned to the mandate of the association. 

SLBA has partnered with Lanka Lions and organized annual social function called THE LION BALL, where several hundred of our Singaporean and Sri Lankan community and members come together to celebrate in a true Sri Lankan spirit and style with food, music and entertainment from the region. The event has had great success in expanding our friendships and bringing our community together.

A more recent event held in January 2015 was held with the Colombo Stock Exchange, whereby the SLBA facilitated a formal gathering in a relaxed environment at the Tower Club to engage with Professionals from the Singapore Community. We were able to successfully provide a forum to facilitate and work to achieve our mandate.

We are working as a group to expand our activities and reach to promote activities that will have a real impact and benefit for our members and the business communities of Singapore and Sri Lanka.


The elected Executive Committee comprises of professionals from a range of sectors including banking, legal, logistics, aviation, hospitality, consumer and academia. The management of the association is entrusted to an annually elected executive committee where members serve voluntarily

They are professionals from different industries but have a common interest in facilitating exchanges between individuals and business’ from both countries. In addition to organizing its own promotional activities, SLBA regularly support activities organized by the Sri Lanka High Commission such as Investor Forums, Trade Fairs, hosting dinner talks when Ministers, high officials of Sri Lankan government and Private sector executives visit Singapore. A few programmes are also hosted to promote social gatherings. 


  • • To create a forum for individuals and companies with mutual commercial interest between the two countries to discuss and exchange ideas on a formal basis.
  • • To represent, express and give effect to the views of business community of Sri Lankans in Singapore regarding trade, investment, finance and industry related matters.
  • • To promote the development of commerce between Sri Lanka and Singapore.
  • • To facilitate liaison between members of the SLBA and the Sri Lankan Government.
  • • To promote and organise any scheme of assistance or any scheme for raising and dispensing funds for charitable education or benevolent purposes.
  • • To promote investment, joint ventures and bilateral trade.
  • • To promote trade exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences, and events.
  • • To Liaise and make representations to government and other bodies in relation to the objectives of the association.
  • • To disseminate information by publishing trade journals, new letters, and other forms of media for further awareness.
  • • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • • In order to achieve these objectives, SLBA works in close collaboration with Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore.